Wednesday 11 September 2013

Amiga assembler tutorials - the wonders of YouTube

I wish I had these sorts of resources back in the 90's...

After some tweets back and forth with a few cool people, I have been shown further resources on the internet for learning about assembler for the Amiga.  I just wanted to share with you a cool YouTube channel Jonas pointed out to me that has several tutorials for Amiga assembler.

If I could embed a whole YouTube channel I would, but here's a link to the channel itself by ScoopexUs:

My time at the moment is so limited I haven't had a chance to view all the videos, but I can see there are 9 Amiga programming tutorials, as well as some demo scene stuff.  Check out the channel or here's a couple of snippets...

It starts off really simple with this:

and continues to get more in depth up to this:

Thank you to ScoopexUs for the awesome tutorials, I really hope there are more to come, and thanks to Jonas for pointing these videos out to me, as well as proper reference books.

OK SO... I need to continue being a sponge and learn about the Amiga hardware and soon hopefully I will be able to put together my first proper experience.

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  1. Any chance of getting the Red Blob code running on asm_one?

  2. BTW, in case you use linux or mac, I would recommend you to use vasm (

    To setup and validate if it works fine on your computer, just do the following test:

    (1) download

    (2) extract and build the vasm binary (vasmm68k_mot):

    tar zxvf vasm.tar.gz
    cd vasm
    make CPU=m68k SYNTAX=mot

    (3) Try to compile a short amiga intro, e.g.,

    cd aduintro1
    ../vasmm68k_mot AmiDwnUnder.s -o AmiDwnUnder.bin -Fhunkexe -nosym

    (4) The previous step should have generated file 'AmiDwnUnder.bin' as an AmigaOS loadseg()ble executable/binary (do the following to confirm that):

    file AmiDwnUnder.bin
    --> AmiDwnUnder.bin: AmigaOS loadseg()ble executable/binary

    (5) Now, just transfer the 'AmiDwnUnder.bin' file to a real amiga unit, or start any UAE flavor (e.g.,, start the emulator, copy and execute 'AmiDwnUnder.bin' (via cli or shell; or just double clicking twice over the file). Enjoy!


    1. thank you for this very simple and effective directions!

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